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Quality, domestic production, and friendliness

Welcome to our retail stores – where top quality, domestically produced goods and a staff that always greets you with a smile come together. Your shopping experience with us is more than ordinary; it's a journey we share together. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Where you can find us?

Store: “AS” d.o.o. Tešanj, Prodavnica br.1-Vukovo

Address: Vukovo 301 Tešanj

Store: “AS” d.o.o. Jelah-Tešanj, Prodavnica br.21 Piljužići-Tešanj

Address: Piljužići bb

Store: “AS” d.o.o. Tešanj, Samoposluga br.3 Tešanj

Address: Abdurahmana Mešića br.1

Store: “AS” d.o.o. Tešanj, Prodavnica br.7, Samoposluga Krndija

Address: Krndija br.9

Store: “AS” d.o.o. Tešanj, Samoposluga Simetrale

Address: Braće Pobrića br.62

Store: “AS” d.o.o. Tešanj, Prodavnica br.12 Miljanovci Tešanj

Address: Miljanovći 31

Store: “AS” d.o.o. Tešanj, Prodavnica br.15 Jelah

Address: Jelah-Mustafe Ćemana br.44/46

Store: “AS” d.o.o. Jelah-Tešanj, Prodavnica br.16 Jelah

Address: Jelah-Braće Kotorića br.54

Store: “AS” d.o.o. Jelah-Tešanj-PJ Supermarket, prodavnica br.18

Address: Rosulje br. 40

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